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Volt CE3 Cartomizer

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This is hands down the best product that I have ever found for an 808 battery. For V2 fans, this is an absolute must have.

These come in a 5 pack for around $10, and are available here at Smokeless Image. They are reusable, cleanable, and work well without burning even on the V2 battery which is 4.2 volts. They come with a filling syringe and a stupid drip tip that I threw in my neighbors garbage so nobody would think I had owned such a thing. Not to worry though, they also have a little flat tip for them, and if that doesn't suit your style than your 501 tips will fit it as well.

These clearos come with a filler liquid to keep you from burning them with your first hit. It tastes bad, but you can either clean it before using it or deal with it for the first 2 or 3 hits.

1. How to fill.

Take the flat tip out and look for a fill hole in the top seal. Fill your syringe with 1 ml of liquid, and insert the needle into the hole. Then, with the cartomizer upside down, slowly push the liquid up into the carto. You must fill these upside down or the liquid will leak out the bottom.

2. How to clean.

Use the above process to fill the clearo with water. Once the water is in the clearo, leaving the needled inserted, turn the clearo upside down and slowly pull the plunger back on the syringe. This will run the water through the atomizer, and you will see a stream of bubbles as it goes through. Then hold the clearo over a bowl or sink and slowly push the plunger back down. This will cause the air pressure to push the water through the bottom of the clearomizer. Repeat the process once, and the device is clean and ready for use. You can immediately fill it with your liquid. Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes to let the juice run into the atomizer. You will get a couple of hits with very little vapor after cleaning it, but once the water burns out you are back to great vaping.

Why you need one of these.

First off, the obvious. Clearomizers are great because you always know how much liquid you have in them. But these clearos do not leak. I have been using mine for about 3 weeks now, and have not leaked on drop. I store it upright, on its side, or in my case and no leaking whatsoever. This is the first clearo I have had that literally does not leak at all.

The vapor production from this product is unbelievable. And the flavor is unreal as well. None of the "filler" taste associated with the standard cartomizers comes through with these.

These clearos are extremely durable. I took two of these out of the pack when I got them 3 weeks ago and I am still using both of them with no problems, and I have only cleaned them about every 5th fill. Yesterday, I was getting out of the truck and dropped my battery. Of course, it went end over end and landed straight on the drip tip. I figured this thing would be cracked for sure, but it wasn't, and not a drop of juice had leaked out. Also, when I was home, my girlfriend was trying to fill one of these and pushed the top seal down over the post. I was sure it was curtains for the poor little guy so I told her to throw it out and get another. But she wanted me to fix it, so I got the needle into the fill hole and pulled the seal back out. I pushed it back down to the top of the post and was totally blown away when the thing still worked.

I paid full price for this product, and I'm not getting paid anything for this review. If there was one bad thing that I could say about it, I would say it. In my 3 weeks of using this product, every experience with it has been above my expectations. I want to thank ItalianVaper for alerting me to this product. It is a must have for anyone who uses an 808 battery.

Discussion started by trlrtrash13 , on 1169 days ago
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I just kinda accidentally figured out a way to really clean these things when they start to go out on you. I will post a video of that when I can, but don't throw these out when the vapor production gets weak. They aren't finished yet. lol
1156 days ago
You can watch my video review with instructions on how to clean and fill the Volt CE3 Cartomizer here.
1162 days ago
I love.. love these things. One of my favs!! :)
1164 days ago